How exactly to Sew Control keys onto a Decorative Pillow

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An instant and easy method to improve a ornamental cushion can be to sew control keys for an extra tailored appear . Although control keys may seem challenging to affix to a fabric, any novice seamstress can get it done.

Step one 1 – Thread Your Needle and Place the Switch

A switch is a little ornament so that it will become essential to hand-sew it towards the cushion. Thread your needle, and knot the thread. Next, determine where you will place your switch for the cushion.

Step two 2 – Thread Through the Switch Holes to add the Button towards the Cushion

Draw your needle from underneath from the fabric up-wards. The knot will minimize within the fabric. Draw the needle through one opening, then sew straight down through the opening diagonally across through the first threaded opening.

Following, draw the needle up through the opening above the next threaded opening. Finally, provide the needle through the opening located across from the 3rd threaded hole. Do it again the complete threading process 2-3 times to protected the switch firmly set up.

After the switch is fastened, connect your loose leads to a knot within the fabric and cut the thread if required.

How exactly to Sew Control keys onto a Decorative Pillow: keys

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How exactly to Sew Control keys onto a Decorative Pillow

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