Working Cellar Support Column into the Design

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If you’re thinking about redoing your cellar, you are most likely wondering how exactly to conceal a support column. The column can be used to hold your house in place, so that it cannot be taken out or maneuvered around. Examine these concepts for working across the support column inside your cellar:

  • Create a huge box across the pole and make use of crown molding to create it look ornamental.
  • Move a big furniture piece like a sofa or entertainment middle right next towards the pole such that it isn’t as noticeable from the strolling route.
  • Create a shelf around it.
  • Make a seats agreement that wraps across the pole.
  • Cover the column behind huge furniture pieces.

Occasionally a support column can look very much nicer if it includes a refreshing coat of color. Since it can be steel, the column must initial end up being primed before it could be painted. Select a natural color which will match the ground or walls to create it merge. Spray paint is most beneficial for this task since it won’t keep behind heart stroke marks and can only require a couple of coats.

Working Cellar Support Column into the Design: support

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Working Cellar Support Column into the Design

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