Wooden Curtain Bands vs Metal Drape Rings

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To hold drapes, you have the decision of using plastic material, steel or solid wood drape rings . Each kind comes in different sizes compared to the width from the pole which they glide. Wooden designs come in completed or unfinished timber to match any decor, and will add style and aesthetic charm to any area. Metal rings can be found in many different types and finishes, and they’re extremely long lasting.

Wooden Drape Bands

They have become inexpensive and any extras which you might need can be purchased from most equipment stores and on the web. They are simple to keep in good shape as they could be washed with any timber polish plus they also can end up being waxed combined with the drape pole therefore they glide much easier without leading to any friction. Some solid wood rings have got a carved leaf or weave design which adds a supplementary ornamental touch. Extra bands may also be used in various other DIY tasks: often found in different arts and crafts tasks, or something as easy as acting being a napkin holder. Usually do not place metal or plastic material rings on solid wood rods since it spoils the ornamental effect drastically. Huge wooden rings on the pole that matches their proportions actually make any home window treatment stick out.

One drawback to solid wood poles and bands is they are not really suitable for large curtains; they support easily just light and moderate weight materials. In addition they tend to degrade as time passes, and you have to view for woodworm or termites.

Steel Curtain Bands

Steel rings are constructed of sturdier components, iron, nickel, brass and like stainless. They are more costly than wooden bands but they want little if any maintenance aside from an intermittent dusting or a clean using a somewhat damp cloth. This is done each time the drapes have to be laundered or dry-cleaned. Because so many are constructed of non corrosive components there is also their make use of in shower drapes, a location of drinking water and vapor which certainly isn’t the perfect place for solid wood rings. You can purchase rings that are manufactured using a plastic material lining that allows a smoother gliding actions when starting or closing drapes.

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If using brass bands and poles, you must treat them initial using a sealer like very clear urethane. In any other case, your drapes could easily get tarnish spots.

Summing Up

Wooden bands and poles, particularly if the timber is unfinished possess all of the beauty from the organic world and will easily become an artwork alone. Treated timber comes in different tones and tints from natural to deepest mahogany and therefore can easily fit into any space or go with any drape material. They could be treated against termites and woodworm, in order that drawback would be in check. They are able to also be fixed if indeed they break or are broken.

Numerous tones and tints will also be found in metallic rings, they can be found in elegant styles like ceramic plants, abstract art numbers, elegant pets, etc. Like solid wood rings in addition they can be utilized for D.We.Y tasks to decorate your areas.

Finally, selecting metal or solid wood bands for your drapes depends upon three main elements: the decor, what the area can be used for, as well as your good flavor.

Wooden Curtain Bands vs Metal Drape Rings: curtain

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Wooden Curtain Bands vs Metal Drape Rings

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