WHAT’S Low-E Window Film?

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Low-E screen film is constructed of materials that are low-emissivity, meaning they stop UV light from sunlight. UV light may damage your furniture, but moreover, it can work up your air-con bills in the summertime.

The film can reveal high temperature or deflect high temperature. Because of this, it is advisable to place it within the screen in the wintertime months to conserve heat, but stick it externally from the screen in summer months to keep high temperature out. There will vary tints obtainable. Tints will be the level of thickness from the metallic covering. It could vary that allows you to choose just how much light you intend to allow in.

Even more energy efficient eyeglasses block day light. Adding tint blocks light, decreases glare plus some frosty, high temperature and but conducts high temperature. Insulated glass, nevertheless, will not protect from sunlight. You can layer the glass surface area using Low-E. The finish is slim and shows UV light.

WHAT'S Low-E Window Film?: low-e

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WHAT'S Low-E Window Film?

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