How exactly to Install Faux Brick Paneling

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Faux brick paneling is usually manufactured in linens which appear and feel like actual bricks but are in fact not. They are usually available in linens ranging in proportions from 24/36 ins up to 24/48 ins with regards to the producer. Setting up faux brick paneling is simple and you’ll need a dozen roughly linens for one wall structure (with regards to the size of the wall structure). It could be utilized for both interior and outside completing.

Step one 1 – Acquiring Necessary Safety measures

Usually wear protecting gloves and eyeglasses when working with a noticed. If you need to you may get the paneling cut based on the measurements of the wall structure on pre-ordering in the store, this may cost extra, nonetheless it will probably be worth it if you don’t have the required gear.

Step two 2 – Measuring your Wall space

Before purchasing your paneling you will need to measure your wall space to know how many linens you need to get. Always buy somewhat a lot more than your want in the event a panel is usually damaged during software and must be changed.

Step three 3 – Trimming the Faux Brick Paneling

Trimming the paneling is simple, and is necessary for sides and trimmings from the wall structure. Measure the wall structure; place the paneling encounter up on a set surface using the portion to become cut off dangling from the medial side. Stay the painters tape and attract a straight collection on it; utilizing a hack noticed slice along the collection. Once that’s done take away the tape.

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Step 4 – Sanding the Cut Sides

The sawed sides will demand sanding. Using the 100 grit fine sand paper or a sanding stop carefully fine sand the sides to provide a neat completed appear.

Stage 5 – Using Adhesive to place the Paneling set up

Using the building adhesive on the trunk side from the paneling; place the paneling set up around the wall structure. Always begin from the internal bottom corner from the wall structure and progress wards coating by coating.

Stage 6 – Screwing the Paneling for a company Keep

Locate the screw openings which you are able to mark within the paneling before you begin if it generally does not come with currently drilled holes in the sides. Using the electrical/manual screwdriver screw the faux brick paneling set up, this gives the paneling a strong keep with minimal likelihood of dropping off.

Stage 7 – Caulking the Screw Openings

Make use of a caulking weapon to complete the screw openings. Ensure that the caulking materials matches the colour of the paneling. You are able to mix the colour by yourself aswell if it’s not available on the market.


Using the caulking weapon complete any uneven sides which usually do not match properly. Use fine sand paper to fine sand the caulk to provide a neat completed look. The ultimate appear should resemble that of a genuine brick wall structure. Be sure you clean up the task region before you tag the work as total.

How exactly to Install Faux Brick Paneling: brick


How exactly to Install Faux Brick Paneling

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