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Lintel structure consists of two horizontal beams utilized to aid a vertical beam. This type of structure ‘s been around since historic times and it is a precursor to arch structure, which is more prevalent today. Post and lintel structure is a straightforward architecture design that may be achieved easily being a do-it-yourself task.
Types of Post and Lintel Structure

One of the most broadly sited types of post and lintel structure are the historic ruins in Rome and Greece. You’ll find many classical types of two horizontal beams helping a vertical beam in the various other historic structures, Coliseum and Parthenon. ing today, Extremely and these framework remain st; a testament to the soundness of the essential post and lintel structure.
Use Today

Pergolas are a good example of contemporary post and lintel structure. Typically within backyards and patios aswell as an enclosure framework for decks, a pergola is normally built by affixing properly spaced crossbeams to 2 by 8 header planks backed by 2 by 8 content. A pergola could be adorned with plant life such as for example ivy and wisteria plant life that provides the structure a distinctive garden sense, or protected with roofing sections to safeguard a home’s deck or veranda.

About Post and Lintel Construction: post

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About Post and Lintel Construction

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