5 Suggestions for Installing a Fiberglass Tub Surround

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A fiberglass tub surround can immediately change the appearance of your bathrooms from dated to contemporary. The installation procedure is easy, but there are many actions you can take to help make the procedure go as easily as possible. Below are a few ideas to consider when setting up a fiberglass tub surround.

Protect the Bath tub

It is critical to consider the steps to safeguard your bath tub from damage through the removal of the older surround and installing the brand new surround. Potato chips in the teeth enamel of a normal tub will ultimately wear away, build a gap, and trigger the tub to drip. New fiberglass tubs have become difficult to repair once they’re scratched or chipped because they can not end up being re-finished like traditional tubs. Much drop material, just like the type utilized to protect areas when painting, functions the best. Various other options are cardboard containers strategically placed within the tub. With cardboard, you will not be capable of geting all surfaces protected. Several previous sheets may also work, however they will not be as dense being a drop material and won’t supply the same degree of security. Tarps just like the kind employed for camping may also be a good choice.

Start Set up From a Part

Start setting up the fiberglass tub surround from a part and work the right path out. It might be tempting to start out at an individual end and function your way throughout the tub. The issue with this technique is normally that you operate the risk from the sides not fitting correctly. It’s easier to cut any unwanted fiberglass in the sides.

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Tag Holes for Accessories

Build a cardboard template of where you desire the accessories to be positioned. Work with a cardboard piece how big is the panel. Gauge the located area of the accessories over the wall structure and duplicate their placement over the cardboard piece. Cut openings in the cardboard, ensuring they’re the ideal size. If they are too big, you are going to broken the fiberglass since you will see too much area throughout the accessories. If the openings are too little, you should have the trial of trying to help make the opportunities larger as the fiberglass in over the wall structure. Use the design template as helpful information while you slice the openings in to the fiberglass using a jigsaw. Make an effort to place the fiberglass -panel level as you do that. If that’s not an option, slice the fiberglass while it’s upright but maintain it from the tub.

Dry-Fit Sections Before Set up

Be sure you possess all of the parts towards the tub surround and that all panel is who is fit before applying the adhesive. Placement each -panel without glue where it ought to be to be sure a couple of no gaps which the sections are plumb.

Repair Broken Drywall

After getting rid of of the previous tub surround and before installing the brand new fiberglass tub surround, have a close go through the drywall. In the event that you got tiles before, grout may possess worn away, permitting dampness behind the wall structure. Replace any parts of drywall as required. Replace entire sections of fundamental drywall with green panel drywall, that includes a moisture-resistant paper covering. Fiberglass tub surrounds don’t drip that quickly, but if dampness gets behind the surround as well as the wall structure, green board will certainly reduce mold and mildew growth.

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5 Suggestions for Installing a Fiberglass Tub Surround

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