How to Color Distressed Solid wood Flooring

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Marketing campaign results of painting your distressed wood floor may differ with regards to the age group of the ground, its kind of solid wood and just how many occasions it’s been sanded and colored before. Luckily, painting a distressed ground could be a satisfying way to protect the historical elegance of the house and increase its aesthetic worth. Follow the easy methods below for an effective task..

Step one 1: Pick out Your Color

Choose an oil-based color as they are much more long lasting to deterioration than latex-based items. Paints with linseed essential oil are more green too. Take into account that oil-based paints have a tendency to drip easier and are hard if not difficult to completely clean from clothes, so it is vital to plan appropriately.

Step two 2: Prep Your Wood Ground

Vacuum any dirt and particles from the ground first; utilize the line connection around baseboards and additional hard-to-reach areas. After that complete any splits or openings with caulk.

Start painting round the sides of the ground using the cut brush. Work cautiously around any home furniture and fixtures; make sure to possess a coat that’s solid enough, however, not to the stage where the color drips.

Step three 3: Apply Color

Move the color with, not really against, the grain from the solid wood. Let it dried out for at least three times. Utilizing a primer is definitely optional, though not often necessary unless there’s a great deal of surface area wear on to the floor and no several coats of color put on it before. Invest some time when applying the color roller to your floorboards in order to avoid unneeded do-overs.

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Step 4: Fine sand Your Hardwood Ground

Fine sand the flooring without applying an excessive amount of pressure, sufficient to clean any unequal brushstrokes on to the floor planks. If you opt to use a power sander, use one which can be modified to a slower placing. Maple and pine are normal hardwood types for old floors, and there is no need to sand these to the idea of scratching these softer and lighter woods. The goal of sanding is indeed the fact that hardwood grain will display back again through the color, adding to this original appear.

Stage 5: TIDY UP

Vacuum up all sanding dirt, and apply another coat of color just like you do the initial one. It’s important to permit plenty of drying out period for oil-based color: 3 to 4 days at the very least. Wear just socks when strolling across your newly-painted flooring and make an effort to maintain foot visitors across it as light as easy for about thirty days.

When it’s time to put furniture on to the floor, by no means slide or pull home furniture across your colored distressed wood floor; constantly lift and bring any heavy items that need to become moved.

How to Color Distressed Solid wood Flooring: color

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How to Color Distressed Solid wood Flooring

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