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Hardboard can be quite tough to penetrate with regular fingernails or screws. Hardboard is normally a name directed at any wood that’s not a cone bearing tree, they are known as softwood. Incidentally, a couple of types of softwood that are harder than hardboard, and vice versa, but most hardboard is normally harder.

There are plenty of methods to penetrate hardboard, but without the correct tools it’ll be difficult. In case your nails continue steadily to flex and screws remove themselves, you are most likely dealing with an extremely dense real wood.

  • Step one 1: Tag off where you want to devote a toe nail or screw.
  • Step two 2: Work with a power drill using a sharpened drill check out puncture a gap in the hardwood. Ensure that the gap will end up being shorter and leaner than your toe nail or screw.
  • Step three 3: Try investing in the toe nail or screw yourself. If it still won’t use you can test making the gap bigger, or work with a power drill to mechanically drive the screw in.

Popular Types of Hardboard

A few of the most well-known types of hardboard consist of oak, ash, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and maple. The hardest hardwood is named Snake hardwood and it originates from SOUTH USA.

Hardboard: penetrate

Video: HardBoard VS MDF & Secret Screws (FT21)


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