Repurposing a Fence Post for the Bird Feeder

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When you have lately changed or rebuilt a fence, it frequently happens that you will be remaining with byproducts through the old one particular as individual sections and posts. Instead of remove these extra items or consider up space for storage with them, you can change them into something helpful like a parrot feeder . Turning a vintage fence post right into a parrot feeder or parrot house is normally a do-it-yourself task that requires imagination and desire however, not a tremendous quantity of carpentry abilities. When you have the tools, you can certainly do it with comparative ease within a weekend and also have a nice going to place for regional wild birds.

Step one 1: Prep the gap

Determine where on your own property you intend to established the post for the birdhouse. Once you’ve decided, go about digging the gap. The best way to drill down the soundest gap is by using a posthole digger. If the 4×4 fence post is normally 8 feet longer, plan to established it about 12 to 18 in. in the bottom. Make certain the gap is wide more than enough for the post as well as for concrete to surround it and protected it in the bottom.

Step two 2: Slice the plywood bottom to size

You might eventually attach a little rectangular of plywood to the very best from the post where the birdhouse will sit down. With regards to the size of the home, measure and slice the plywood right into a square using the skill noticed. It ought to be about one feet rectangular

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Step three 3: Color the parts

Place the post in the bottom and make certain it really is deep and wide more than enough to work well. Take away the post and color it the colour of your decision. At exactly the same time color the plywood foundation. If the birdhouse has already been prepared, maybe match the colour to it. Become creative together with your color options. Paint a design or a good color. Allow them dry over night within an aerated area such as for example your porch.

Step 4: Attach the bottom towards the post

Middle the plywood foundation atop the post and make several markings underneath to denote it. Preset 3 or 4 1 in. woodscrews in the very best of the bottom. Most of them ought to be focused plenty of to accurately screw in to the the surface of the post. Consider establishing them in a triangular development around the center of the bottom. Arranged them deep plenty of so the suggestion just hardly pokes out. Cautiously hold the foundation in place, focused atop the post. Arranged the first screw. Once you’re sure the base is usually focused, hold it when you arranged the next screw to maintain it from rotating. Set the 3rd screw.

Stage 5: Arranged the post in the bottom

Arranged the post in the opening having a plumb collection attached to the lower of the bottom. Either that or possess a level useful. Pour the handbag of dried out concrete in to the wheelbarrow and gradually add water, combining it up using the hoe until it really is of the correct consistency. Have got a helper shovel in damp concrete round the post as you adjust it to create it flawlessly plumb. If you are using a level, keep it vertically against the post and make certain it is lifeless on. Complete the opening totally with concrete. Tamp it straight down and easy it out. If it is damp, the post continues to be adjustable. Obtain it plumb after that let the concrete harden a little. Come back inside a around 30 minutes and check its level. If it requires adjusting, do this. As the concrete hardens, make certain the post is usually perfectly directly.

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Stage 6: Affix the birdhouse or feeder

When the post is defined and the concrete is dried out, climb a ladder and arranged the birdhouse atop and protected it to the bottom with screws or solid wood glue. Fill up it with parrot seed and revel in the addition to your backyard.

In only a few actions you can change a vintage fence post right into a are a symbol of a birdhouse. After it’s carried out and filled up with seed, parrots of all types will flock to the home and make it a short-term home.

Repurposing a Fence Post for the Bird Feeder: post

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Repurposing a Fence Post for the Bird Feeder

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