How exactly to Install an Anti-Siphon Sprinkler Valve

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An anti siphon sprinkler valve prevents drinking water that might have been polluted from flowing back to the piping leading to your primary drinking water supple. When it’s set up in a drinking water sprinkler system, the chance that dangerous chemical substances and fertilizers could contaminate water is normally always a chance and to ensure that it generally does not happen, an anti siphon valve can be used. It’s the cheapest method of doing it which is easy to set up. With just a couple tools and a straightforward guide, you’ll be able to complete the project very quickly.

Step one 1 – Understanding the CREATE

Prior to going into the task, you have to know an anti siphon valve ought to be set up at least 6 in. higher than every one of the mind valves in the sprinkler program. If it’s not set up this way, the trunk flow prevention system that was included in the valve will never be able to perform its job. Furthermore, there may be the General Plumbers Code or UPS that’s needed is by virtually all localities. The code state governments which the inlet side tube over the anti siphon valve ought to be of steel construction, if you don’t must bury it by 18 in. or deeper. Almost any steel tube which has a pressure ranking can be utilized for this.

Step two 2 – Putting the Siphon Valve

In setting up the siphon valve, you should place it directly before the isolation valve in the machine. The isolation valve functions as the primary shut down valve from the drinking water sprinkler system. Generally, it is set up straight after a coupling in the primary drinking water type of the domestic plumbing system. It ought to be around 6 to 18 in. above the bottom in order that when you install your anti siphon valve, it’ll remain greater than all of the sprinkler minds.

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Step three 3 – Setting up the Inlet Tube

In setting up the inlet tube, get a little bit of steel tube that is threaded at both ends. Put one end in to the isolation valve as well as the various other end in to the steel elbow which has the same size as the tube. Make sure that both ends have already been covered with Teflon tape before you tighten up it.

Step 4 – Setting up the Siphon Valve

Cover Teflon tape throughout the male end from the anti siphon valve and connect it using the steel elbow connection. It the finish is not threaded put a brief piece of tube which has a man threading on both ends. After that you can install the anti siphon valve.

Stage 5 – Setting up Your First Sprinkler Mind

A whole lot of anti siphon valves can be purchased using a sprinkler mind but when you have bought one without it, you must install the sprinkler mind by using a 3 inches PVC tube. Place PVC primer on both ends from the tube and on the feminine connectors. Protected them with the PVC glue.

Stage 6 – Operating the Pipe in to the Sprinkler Mind

Use a vertical PVC tube on underneath from the sprinkler mind and continue setting up more. However, you must ensure that the 1st PVC elbow continues to be set up at least 18 ins into the floor.

How exactly to Install an Anti-Siphon Sprinkler Valve: install

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How exactly to Install an Anti-Siphon Sprinkler Valve

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