HOW EXACTLY DOES a Sprinkler Control Valve Function?

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The sprinkler control valve is definitely your automated sprinkler system’s most significant component. The control valve is exactly what tells the pipes within your sprinkler program to open up and close, making sure the right portion of your landscaping design receives drinking water when you arranged it to. It regulates the pressure, becomes water on / off, and settings the areas that receive drinking water. Focusing on how the control valve functions can help you if you ever have to do the repair.

Valve Package

The valve package is definitely where the group of pipes all arrive for connecting. The valve package connects to the primary control valve. When the timer indicators towards the control valve a zone must be placed on, the valve starts for the right area. The pressure is definitely then delivered through water pipe towards the sprinkler mind in that area. After the watering is definitely finished, the valve shuts off as well as the drinking water is definitely stopped. Having less pressure causes the sprinkler check out retract before next time it requires to be utilized.

Control -panel

The control -panel acts as the mind for the machine. When you arranged your timers to instantly start and prevent the sprinklers in various zones, these details is definitely kept in the control -panel. The control -panel is what transmits the signal towards the control valves for the sprinklers to use in the right zone.

HOW EXACTLY DOES a Sprinkler Control Valve Function?: does

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HOW EXACTLY DOES a Sprinkler Control Valve Function?

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