Fighting Ants with Borax

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Ants around your kitchen cupboards certainly are a nuisance that may be costly. You will need to dispose of any foods they access, and you’ll spend thousands on industrial pesticides as you make an effort to remove them. For the cheaper but effective choice, use borax to fight your ant infestation.

Borax Baits

    Combine ½ component borax with 1 component sugar. Fill container caps using the mix and established near where you find ant paths
  1. Combine ½ component borax and 1 component glucose (or honey) with drinking water to create a paste. Pass on the paste on whitening strips of cardboard ánd place where ánt paths are noticeable.
  2. Combine ½ cup glucose with 1 glass drinking water, and add 2 tbsp. of borax. Soak natural cotton balls in the mix and place near ant paths.
  3. Cautions

    Usually do not make use of borax on plant life or grass as it might trigger sterility. Also maintain it out of reach of kids or dogs and cats. Although borax isn’t toxic – particularly if diluted in various other substances – it could make a family pet or child extremely sick and tired.

    If you discover dead ants throughout the bait mix, decrease the quantity of borax. The theory is perfect for the ants to consume it and consider it back again to the colony where they’ll regurgitate it. This will successfully eliminate the queen and all of those other colony.

      Fighting Ants with Borax: fighting


      Fighting Ants with Borax

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