CARING FOR Nikko Blue Hydrangea

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The Nikko Blue Hydrangea bush develops 3 to 6 ft high and 6 to 10 ft wide. It’s a shiny blue blossom that develops in clumps and will well in damp, well drained ground. Planting completely sun to incomplete shade is suitable. It’s frost tolerant and blooms in the past due springtime and early summertime. Its most well-known uses are in mattresses and borders, storage containers so that as a slice blossom.

Herb Maintenance

The herb needs to become pruned by the end of each developing season, as another season’s buds develop from the earlier season’s flowerings. Slice the stem just above the bud for greatest outcomes.

Hydrangeas like drinking water. The leaves have a tendency to droop and may get brown places on the suggestions if they’re not really receiving enough drinking water. If they’re a little droopy during the night but improve by the very next day after that it ought to be okay. Any longer than that and you ought to increase the drinking water.


You can even somewhat control the colour of the Hydrangea. If you need a bright blue blossom after that you need to keep the ground acidic (espresso grounds and shredded grapefruit peels work very well). In the event that you lower the quantity of acidity in the ground, in that case your blooms could be more of the light red color.

With care and understanding of the way the hydrangea reacts to different acidity amounts, you will keep them flowering every year.

CARING FOR Nikko Blue Hydrangea: blue

Video: Pruning Nikko Blue Hydrangeas

CARING FOR Nikko Blue Hydrangea

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