Brick Driveway Benefits and drawbacks

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There is no query that the wonder of the brick driveway, of most types of driveways, could be a great benefit. If you can find queries about these driveways, they may be from these driveway’s drawbacks. Browse the pro’s and con’s of brick driveway below for more information about them.

Curb Charm

Like a driveway with curb charm, it really is hard to defeat brick. The main element to this charm, however can be design, set up, and maintenance. Without these three components, the brick driveway can appearance shabby and unprofessional.


In the event that you value artistry and style you will see the brick driveway one which will probably match your preferences. Bricks found in these driveways, for instance can be selected with a number of colours and hues to fit your landscaping design.


An absolute disadvantage towards the brick driveway can be its cost. It’s not only more labor extensive than asphalt or cement driveways, and for that reason more expensive to set up, but a driveway 10 ft wide and 20 ft long will definitely cost about $5,000.


As time passes, the brick driveway can create substantial head aches for the driveway’s owner. Uneven areas from ground tree origins, frost and erosion are unavoidable. Then, there will be the weeds. They undoubtedly grow up between your pavers and if not really pulled may become an enormous eyesore.

Brick Driveway Benefits and drawbacks: brick

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Brick Driveway Benefits and drawbacks

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