June DIM Celebrity: Sanded Pine Floors

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Monthly we prefer to glow the limelight on an extraordinary DIYer giving their distributed task the ol’ “ACHIEVED IT Myself” (DIM) stamp of honor. And, as an extra reward, all DIM Superstars are automatically got into under consideration for our initial annual DIM Honours next Might.

This month we congratulate “Jewelbox” on the refinished wood floors. Share assembling your project and next period maybe it’s you!

What they do

Jewelbox refinished the initial pine hardwood plank flooring within their 100-year-old home. After getting rid of linoleum and many layers of color in various areas, they sanded the initial wood and used 4 jackets of tung essential oil being a sealant. Their total price was $1,000.

Why we enjoy it

The comprehensive function Jewelbox placed into restoring the initial wood flooring paid, and demonstrates that newer isn’t generally better.

To truly have a take a look at Jewelbox’s function, visit their task right here.



June DIM Celebrity: Sanded Pine Floors: sanded

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June DIM Celebrity: Sanded Pine Floors

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