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Occasionally (generally?) demonstration of old function leaves you with areas that are out of plumb, not really level and in any other case unequal. So the problem is how exactly to mix your renovations with the initial. Shortcuts in the beginning will keep you with an unsatisfactory end. As the Discussion board will let you know, it’s about prep. (BTW, “render” is a Uk British term for mortar and plaster.)

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Paul Hedley Member


I am retiling a kitchen wall structure. I have eliminated the aged tiles to expose the solid wall behind. The wall structure is now unequal with concrete render and brick (observe photo). MAY I tile moreover? And level with fresh adhesive as I proceed?

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Eclectica Member

Level it up correctly, completely. When that’s carried out, you are able to do whatever you wish.

Paul Hedley Member

Cheers for the reply, merely to clarify: MUST I level it with render and allow it dried out before tiling? Or may i level it using the tile adhesive as I proceed?

marksr Discussion board Subject Moderator

It most likely depends on whatever you are employing for adhesive. I question you could build it up with mastic but slim set may possibly work ok. Setting it up level first can make it better to do a great work laying the tile. I have no idea what ‘render’ is usually… but I’m a painter, not really a tile man.
btw – pleasant towards the discussion boards Paul!

czizzi Member

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Skim coating it with an instant set patching substance will make installing the tile considerably easier. The issue is that you will be on a wall structure. Wanting to float thinset may cause it to sag and present you a variety of grief. A easy wall structure and the usage of a thinset created for huge format tile will reduce the sag. UltraLight or LFT both by Mapei are great.

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Hot Topics: Tiling an Unequal Wall

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