Hot Topics: This Bathroom’s Peeling Color Is not a Moisture Problem

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If you are a self-described do-it-yourself ignoramus you might be stumped as to the reasons new color won’t adhere to outdated walls in the toilet, even when air flow is great. But moisture is one method to wreck a color job. Not merely can the Discussion board peel back again the layers to get the problem, however they can guard your health as well.

Unique Post: Windowless bathroom color peeling issue

LorenzoStDuBois Member

We’ve lived within an house local rental for 4 years. Our bathroom does not have any windows, though it can possess a wall-fan managed by light-switch.

After about 24 months of living right here, the color in the toilet slowly started to peel off, therefore we requested the building re-paint it. They re-painted it and in a few days it started to peel extremely fast. So per month later on they achieved it again, nonetheless it still peels fairly quickly.

I needed to learn the type of color they must be using, because the unique paint-job, without perfect, appeared to work superior to what they have already been using lately.


We utilize the lover frequently.

It’s a straightforward white paint-job.

Make sure you let me learn how to resolve this! Many thanks!

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marksr Community forum Subject Moderator

How previous may be the building? Years back it had been common method to color bathroom wall space/roof with essential oil base teeth enamel. When switching to latex teeth enamel the essential oil base must be coated using a solvent structured primer initial. That insures the fact that latex will adhere! The perfect color for the bath is certainly latex bathroom color [provides extra mildewcide] but many simply use latex teeth enamel.

The type of prep has been done ahead of painting? Determining why the color is peeling is certainly essential! Generally peeling [if not really from latex used over essential oil enamel] is due to contaminants in the wall structure. Hair spray is certainly common contaminant on bathroom wall space, soap residue is certainly another. How lengthy was the color allowed to dried out/cure prior to the 1st shower was used?

LorenzoStDuBois Member

Many thanks!
The building is certainly pre-war NYC; it appears quite previous. I have no idea how longer we waited before we showered.

Predicated on your reply I did so some analysis on paints, primers, oil-based, water-based, latex-based?, etc. and also have quite a good notion of everything you mean, but I am still a do-it-yourself ignoramus. I have no idea just what you indicate when you state teeth enamel (primer or color?) or”solvent-based” (I idea all paints had been solvent structured…) If you are discussing the latex perform you mean the primer or the color? I think I am aware the essential oil vs. drinking water dichotomy but don’t actually obtain where latex matches into the formula.

mitch17 Group Moderator

Teeth enamel is a kind of color and can end up being essential oil structured, latex or waterborne.

In most cases, if in question about the color currently in the wall structure (and I believe that is the case right here), any loose color should be taken out and the rest of the color provided a light scuff sanding (after that take away the sanding dirt). Next ought to be an essential oil structured primer accompanied by the selection of color. As Mark described, a kitchen and shower color is most beneficial with latex teeth enamel being an Okay choice. I utilized latex kitchen and shower color in my own bathroom as I needed white and essential oil centered paints have a tendency to yellow as time passes.

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marksr Discussion board Subject Moderator

Age the building means the shower was originally decorated with essential oil base enamel, probably a lead structured enamel. The chances are the best layer of essential oil color isn’t lead structured but there is absolutely no way to learn for certain without examining it. It is best not to fine sand lead structured paints! Lead is principally dangerous when it could be inhaled [dirt] or when potato chips are ingested [children]. Pigmented shellac like Zinsser’s BIN may be the supreme stain concealing and adhesion primer and would adhere great without sanding. Another choice is always to clean down the essential oil enamel using a water deglosser and apply an essential oil base primer. There are many latex primers that state they’ll adhere long-term directly over essential oil base teeth enamel but I don’t trust them.

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Hot Topics: This Bathroom's Peeling Color Is not a Moisture Problem: bathroom

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Hot Topics: This Bathroom's Peeling Color Is not a Moisture Problem

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