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When you have to wait around at an open up tap for water to warm up, a warm water recirculation pump can resolve that drinking water, concern, helping you save money and time. But there’s all sorts of high temperature and gasses around your hot water heater, therefore if stuff aren’t set up properly it could get ugly, as well as deadly. Allow Forum take a peek to identify the problems.

Primary Post: Grundfos Ease and comfort Series caught fireplace

noblehouse Member

I’ve a Grundfos Ease and comfort Series warm water recirculating pump set up on the hot water heater. It was right here whenever we bought the home so I have no idea how old it really is. A couple of days ago we observed we weren’t obtaining warm water, and I went to take a peek. The timer appeared to be arranged correctly and it had been connected in, but I didn’t possess time to research further. A couple of days afterwards I went to look once again, and noticed that sooner or later it caught fireplace. The timer aspect from the pump was totally burned apart. I have no idea when this occurred, but I’m lucky the home didn’t catch fireplace.

Until this occurred we were happy with the system–there’s a drought within California and we had been wasting a whole lot of drinking water looking forward to the warm water, therefore Let me get another. However now I’m hesitant — what would trigger this to occur? Can be this a known issue with Grundfos pushes?

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Features through the Thread

Rockledge Member

Wow. It appears like some significant over-heating was heading on the website.

I could only speculate in regards to what triggered the pump to make like this. Faulty wiring/consumer electronics? Seized engine? Pump set up too near exhaust vent?

NJ Trooper Discussion board Subject Moderator

Not really a known issue that I’m alert to…

I myself will be on the telephone to Grundfos… that’s severe shyte ryte there…

lawrosa Super Moderator

It isn’t set up properly… Really??? Putting the motor directly on top/touching from the flue, anything would overheat. (From what I observe anyhow.)

I’d not search for any guarantee, and specifically don’t suggest to them that picture… Plus you will need a directly piece of tube off the heating unit no ell on the draft hood.

I’d turn to follow the installer of stated heating unit and/or pump install…

Last you might look at electric issues as well as the store the pump was connected to…

Simply my 2 cents is usually all…

noblehouse Member

Thanks a lot all for your insights. Concerning the location from the pump, it isn’t actually coming in contact with the flue…that’s simply the perspective from the photo. It really is fairly close though. But that is where the warm water tube is usually. If the pump become set up someplace else?

Hot Topics, Recirculator Pump Shouldn't Be On Fire, hot water

My think would be that the installer was the prior homeowner. We realize he was quite the do-it-yourselfer (rather than in a great way). We’ve experienced to correct additional cases of his handiwork.

Hot Topics, Recirculator Pump Shouldn't Be On Fire, hot water

lawrosa Super Moderator

Oh my… Obviously you possess draft issues… Go through the reddish and blue inserts in the h/c nipples. You observe they may be melted? Which means flue gas is usually moving out and in to the house… You possess chimney blockage or insufficient draft…

Make sure you have an operating CO detector for you personally as well as your family’s security… (You are able to Die!!!!)

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The flue must become checked, and/or heating unit, and corrected ASAP!!!!

(That’s your over heating system concern IMO)

Your pump may be the least of the concerns at this time…

NJ Trooper Discussion board Subject Moderator

Yeah… those fresh pics inform all!

Where will the flue tube follow it leaves the images?

Second the CO detectors… loud more than enough to wake NJ Trooper away of the Sam Adams Coma.

I wager there is no “earthquake straps” on that device either.

noblehouse Member

Wow, that is why you question professionals.
We perform have got CO detectors inside your home. The hot water heater is not available from within the home. It is within a wardrobe, accessed with a door externally. The door can be vented, therefore oxygen gets in.

We’d the entire roofing replaced this past year, like the plywood, so that it was all exposed and we do look at all of the vents in those days. I am quite confident the fact that flue tube vents out the roofing.

I’ve purchased a fresh pump and I plan to have an authorized plumber set it up. I will inquire him about the flue set up aswell.
Thanks for all you guidance.

PJmax Discussion board Subject Moderator

Since that’s single wall structure flue tube… If it switches into a wall structure it should be in certain kind of chimney.
If that flue tube switches into a solid wood or sheetrock wall structure then it needs immediate attention since it is actually a open fire risk.

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Hot Topics: Recirculator Pump MUST NOT BE On Fire: recirculator

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Hot Topics: Recirculator Pump MUST NOT BE On Fire

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