Hot Topics: Mending a Leaking DRAIN Drain

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If there’s one subject that’s always sizzling hot on the community forums, it’s domestic plumbing. Everyone’s got a drain, and drinking water dripping in the drain tube is normally something most of us will ultimately suffer from. When one audience found a drip in his iron pipes, the community forum spoken him through the repair.

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Wirepuller38 Member

I’ve a seeping 2-inches cast iron kitchen sink drain tube which is normally leaking in a joint where 2 L’s are connected.

Will there be something to make use of as a short-term fix that i could connect with the outside from the joint to avoid the drip? I intend to replace the pipes in the springtime.

Thanks a lot in advance for just about any recommendations.

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lawrosa Group Moderator

I’d obtain the quick placing JB Weld. It could hold so excellent may very well not replace in the springtime…LOL

Wirepuller38 Member

The JB Weld didn’t hold. I’ve temporarily connected the drip with plumber’s putty. My program is normally to remove the low L and the rest of the ensemble iron below it and replace with plastic material.

The coupling in the bottom is normally attached to plastic material which undergoes the wall structure to the exterior. I wish to use another coupling to add plastic towards the upper L and work plastic to the low coupling. What exactly are your responses? Which Fernco coupling perform I want?

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lawrosa Group Moderator

Seeping in the business lead? If that L is normally same size or tube then trim here. I’d work with a sawzall and trim as straight as it can be. You may proceed through many blades, nonetheless it can be carried out. I have performed it numerous situations in close quarters.

leaking pipe

Wirepuller38 Member

Thanks a lot for the information. I would not have considered that.

Fix Done.

Completed the job a few momemts ago. Used 2 noticed cutting blades(18 tpi). Found out the Fernco couplings in the home Depot. Thanks once again for the suggestions. The leak was because of thin tube where the tube went in to the hub. Rusted through.

lawrosa Group Moderator

Great job…. Pleased it exercised.

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Hot Topics: Mending a Leaking DRAIN Drain: topics

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Hot Topics: Mending a Leaking DRAIN Drain

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