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Summer months is here and it’s really time to obtain the saws out. Whether you’re stockpiling firewood, clearing deadfall or carving a log sculpture, you will need your chainsaw employed in best condition. It’s an inherently harmful task, therefore when smoke cigarettes and overheating enter into the combine, the Community forum can figure it out.

Primary Post: STIHL Chainsaw Producing Extreme Heat and Smoke cigarettes

ThrasherFan Member


I used to be using my STIHL chainsaw this last weekend and after an extremely short timeframe, I noticed a whole lot of high temperature and smoke in the string and the club when making slashes. Technically, it functions since it was producing cuts successfully, however the quantity of high temperature/smoke cigarettes was certainly atypical.

I did so check to be sure the club essential oil/lubricant had been distributed when throttling the chainsaw. It had been definitely tossing some club essential oil towards the club and string. However, I have no idea if the valve is normally partially blocked as well as the club and string simply aren’t obtaining ENOUGH club essential oil, if another thing can be restricting the pub essential oil from being correctly used, or if another thing is leading to the friction completely.

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Can anyone offer here is how I can probably clean out the region where the pub essential oil leaves its tank and gets tossed towards the pub and string? It looks extremely little and near difficult to attain. Or, if the issue might be brought on by something else, allow me to know very well what else I would perform to troubleshoot?

Thanks a lot beforehand!

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Pilot Dane Group Moderator

First, make certain the string isn’t tensioned too firmly. If that’s Okay, with the noticed off, get the string and draw it round the noticed. Can the string make a complete loop openly without binding? Or, when you have the string off, the perform all of the links move openly or some areas seem trapped or bound collectively?

In the event that you twisted when trimming, or if a log destined on the string, it can flex or kink the string or flex or nick the route in the pub, but usually it is the string that requires the misuse. This binding causes extra friction when wanting to cut and may prematurely degrade the pub, not forgetting the original harm to the string.

ThrasherFan Member

Thanks a lot quite definitely for the insight. I did so check the string pressure and I could move the string round the pub openly in a total revolution without concern.

Concerning a little kink in the string or pub channel because of twisting, I’d state that’s certainly a chance… Is there ways to take a look beyond visible inspection or would it not be best only to replace the pub and string to find out if the issue corrects itself?

marbobj Member

In the event that you contain the end from the pub about four roughly inches from a bit of solid wood and rev the engine and find out essential oil tossed onto the solid wood, you’re getting plenty of essential oil onto the pub and string.

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ThrasherFan Member

Yep. That’s just how I decided the pub and string were getting essential oil. Throttling the noticed immediately throws a good line of pub essential oil on my scrap solid wood. I simply didn’t understand if the pub/string were getting the correct quantity. I think a little binding in the string or pub route, as Dane mentioned previously, which i haven’t yet observed is the most likely culprit. Thanks a lot for your insight.

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Hot Topics: Chainsaw Complications, Everybody's Had One

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