Wooden Home furniture: Basic Sanding Guide

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Wooden home furniture adds a good impact to any space and with the correct maintenance it is rather durable. On the periodic basis, nevertheless, it’s important to fine sand down any solid wood home furniture in your house and apply a fresh coating of stain. This technique will remove defects such as dents, scratches and dings.

Components and Tools Required

• Good Quality Sandpaper
• Tough Quality Sandpaper
• Rotary Sander
• Fine sand Stop
• Clean
• Air flow can
• Vacuum
• Rag


Regulate how very much sanding is in fact essential for the home furniture you’ll be working on. If you’re simply seeking to easy the solid wood and take away the existing stain or varnish you then will only want good quality sandpaper. If the home furniture has a quantity of apparent marks such as for example dents, dings or scrapes, then it’ll be essential to remove a more substantial amount of the top wood and easy it off.

Step one 1 – First Coating

Using tough grade sandpaper having a fine sand stop or a rotary electrical sander, fine sand off a slim layer of timber over the complete surface from the home furniture using simple, circular motions. Be sure you take off just a small level of timber with each move. If required, you is capable of doing second or third goes by to totally remove marks.

Step two 2 – Maintain It Clean

Regularly make use of an atmosphere can or vacuum and clean to remove surplus dust. This allows the sandpaper to function better.
Finishing it Off

Step three 3 – Simple It Out

Utilizing a great grade kind of sandpaper and a fine sand stop or a rotary electrical sander, fine sand the wooden home furniture in gentle movements until the timber has a simple feel. Operate your fingertips against the timber to determine when you have attained a simple finish. If required perform several pass to complete the home furniture.

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Step 4 – Remove Undesirable Dust with vacuum pressure

Using an air flow can, vacuum pressure or a broom, remove any extra dust which includes been deposited around the home furniture.

Stage 5- Clean Home furniture

Utilizing a rag, clean the home furniture clean. It really is OK to employ a small water to totally remove extra dirt but this is not necessary. Usually do not make use of any type of washing chemicals as this may damage the solid wood and stop the stain or varnish from establishing correctly.

At this time, you are able to place a coating of stain or varnish on your own wooden home furniture. If you’re not seeking to change the colour of the home furniture from the organic color of the solid wood used you’ll be able to apply a definite coating of sealant.

Wooden Home furniture: Basic Sanding Guide: wooden

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Wooden Home furniture: Basic Sanding Guide

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