Painting a Steel Bed Frame

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Metallic bed structures are, undoubtedly, stronger than real wood or other components. As time passes these metallic bed frames may become rusty or boring. Even though the looks of metallic bed frames will not effect their effectiveness the looks will hinder the decoration or color system of the area. The solution is normally to paint steel bed structures whatever color you prefer and this content will highlight how.

Step one 1 – Planning

Choose a location where you are able to work without get worried of harming anything. Deposit paper and drop material. Utilize the screwdriver and wrench to consider the bedframe apart and place the pieces over the drop material and paper.

Step two 2 – Washing

Utilize the cable brush to eliminate any dirt or loose color from the steel bed frames. Function aggressively to log off as a lot of the previous paint as possible. If you are completed utilize the rags to pull out the steel bed structures. Any debris left out can mess up the color.

Step three 3 – Painting the Steel Bed Structures

Utilize the squirt paint and color the pieces consistently on both edges. Allow each piece dried out and apply another coat from the paint.

Painting a Steel Bed Frame: steel

Video: | DIY Metal Bed Frame Restoration | Carissa Cantu

Painting a Steel Bed Frame

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