How to Color Real wood Fascia Boards

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F ascia planks will be the slim wooden planks that operate along a building beneath the guttering. Their purpose is definitely to protect the environment vents leading in to the roofing space from rainfall and particles. Because fascia planks face the weather, they want regular maintenance to avoid them from rotting. This implies repainting them every six years roughly. This is employment for the summertime, since it requirements dried out weather conditions.

Step one 1: Tarpaulin

Begin by dispersing the tarpaulin beneath the workshop. Scraping off previous color is normally a messy business. You do not want color scrapings all around the lawn.

Step two 2: Guttering

If possible, take away the guttering initial. It isn’t important, nonetheless it makes the work easier. Be cautious and clean it out before you begin. You don’t wish most of last winter’s moist leaves to obstruct you.

Step three 3: Color Removal

Utilize the high temperature weapon to soften the previous color and scrape it from the fascia planks together with your scrapers. That is a messy, but important job. If you realise which the scraper goes directly into the hardwood, the hardwood is normally rotten. If this is actually the case, you need to replace the complete plank.

Step 4: Filling up

Fill up any small openings in the fascia plank with hardwood filler. Maintain it apart for one hour and allow it dried out. Once done, it is time to fine sand it straight down.

Stage 5: Sanding

Fine sand down the planks until these are smooth and prepared to receive the color. You need to focus on a coarse disk and then work with a moderate one.

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Stage 6: Preservative

Deal with the fascia using a hardwood preservative. You are able to either squirt it on or work with a brush to use it. Maintain it apart and allow it dried out right away.

Stage 7: Primer

Today comes the fun little bit. Color the fascia planks with primer. Don’t overload your brush-the guideline is normally “little and frequently.” Browse the instructions over the color tin to discover how long it requires to dry-sometimes up to 16 hours. Clean your clean after use within a jar filled with color cleaner. Unless you clean your brushes, they’ll become worthless.

Stage 8: Sanding

After the color is normally dried out, fine sand the planks lightly having a moderate disk.

Stage 9: Undercoat

You right now supply the fascia another coating of primer. Clean your clean. Following the primer can be dried out, fine sand down this second coating with an excellent sanding disk. The fascia planks should now become soft, clean and prepared for the color.

Stage 10: Final Coating

Right now apply the ultimate gloss coating, clean your clean, replace the guttering after the color can be dried out, dismantle your scaffold, fold up the tarpaulin, and stand back again and admire your projects!

How to Color Real wood Fascia Boards: color

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How to Color Real wood Fascia Boards

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