How exactly to Decoupage and Seal a Real wood Coffee Table

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Decoupaging home furniture could be a large amount of fun and may add a large amount of personality to your house. If you’re after a fresh project you might consider a solid wood espresso table decoupage. That is an excellent activity to accomplish to resurface a preexisting solid wood table of yours, or you can also buy a utilized one as well.

Step one 1 – Clean the Desk

The very first thing that you’ll wish to accomplish is ensure that you clean the table off totally. When there is dirt or grime onto it, then you definitely will have trouble obtaining the decoupage to stay with it and stay. Therefore, utilizing a rag and real wood cleaner, you are able to aerosol the table and clean it off, and let it sit until it really is totally dried out.

Step two 2 – Cut Out Photos

This is actually the fun stage of the procedure. You are able to cut out photos of you or relatives and buddies aswell as using picture lower outs from mags and credit cards.

There is no need to be concerned about ensuring the sides are right because they’ll overlap and become area of the style. Cut out as much photos as you desire, and ensure that you will have plenty of for the task in advance so you won’t have to return in the centre and cut even more.

Step three 3 – Arrange

You will take the photos that you lower out and arrange them in to the style you intend to make on the table. Often you can simply scatter the photos and other instances you should form phrases or pictures just like a center. This style is totally your decision and may consider less than a few momemts or it might take a couple of days to choose.

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Step 4 – Glue

This is the trickiest area of the entire process. You need to use a clean to use glue or Mod Podge to the trunk of every picture, or you can remember how your design was and cover the complete table with it and continue steadily to put the photos on what you needed them.

Ensure that as you proceed you erase any bubbles that may type when you are operating. After that, once everything is definitely you can apply 2-3 3 more jackets from the Mod Podge or glue together with the pictures to make certain that it is protected.

Stage 5 – Seal

Once you’ve everything on which is glued set up, you should let it sit down for approximately 5 to 6 hours or even more based on how it appears and feels. Once they have dried totally, you should use an acrylic sealant at the top and perform one coat using a color brush then allow it dried out and perform another layer.

Given that it is completed you makes it possible for it to dried out for a couple of days before placing anything onto it.

How exactly to Decoupage and Seal a Real wood Coffee Table: seal

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How exactly to Decoupage and Seal a Real wood Coffee Table

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