4 Different Uses for Timber Filler

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Solid wood filler is really a substance you can use for a variety of different reasons to correct your solid wood products. You can find different kinds, including water centered, which may be thinned by just adding more drinking water, and solvent centered, that includes a thicker regularity and is normally used for careers that want a thicker coating, such as for example patching openings or cracks. Although it can come right down to personal choice concerning which compound you would like your solid wood filler to be produced with, the regularity is usually something that must fit the work. No matter whichever type you utilize, there are a variety of various things you can restoration using solid wood filler.

Filling up Openings

You should use a thicker solid wood filler to fill cracks and openings in your solid wood products. The inside surface from the split or hole must prepare yourself before you push the solid wood filler in. Make use of sandpaper to erase the inside just as much as it is possible to, and be sure to remove all of the saw dust utilizing a vacuum. After the inside is usually smoothed, simply work with a putty blade to press the solid wood filler in and easy the very best out, as soon as they have dried, sand the very best until it really is despite having the solid wood surface. This is handy for several different solid wood products which are susceptible to breaking, such as solid wood flooring, furniture, and several other things. You can even color or stain on the putty once it’s been sanded easy, but make certain it is totally dried out before applying ├ínything.

Smoothing Solid wood Grain

A lot of people should do this at the original point of the task, before they stain or color a solid wood surface for the very first time. Bigger pored woods, such as for example oak, absorb stain just like a sponge, along with a slim coat of solid wood filler provides easy, almost glass-like surface area to color or apply your stain on. You intend to use a bigger putty blade or perhaps a trowel to use the coating of solid wood filler, since you have a more substantial surface to focus on, and the bigger tool enables you to apply a slimmer layer. Once they have dried, it is possible to sand the top down to easy it out before you decide to apply the coating of color or stain. Once again, make certain the solid wood filler has totally dried out before sanding or applying color or stain.

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Home furniture

For areas of furniture, instead of load bearing components, like the hip and legs of chairs, you should use a mix of solid and slim solid wood filler, with regards to the size of the places you need to repair. For weight bearing elements, you should employ a stronger material than traditional solid wood filler, like a solid wood hardener.


For flooring, you may generally have to use a slimmer solid wood filler, unless you can find cracks you will need to fill up. In any case, you will need to pass on it consistently and make certain it’s dried out before applying the stain.

4 Different Uses for Timber Filler: different

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4 Different Uses for Timber Filler

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