How exactly to Refinish a Wooden Motorboat Deck

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by Rachel Terry, Demand Press

Refinishing a solid wood motorboat deck is comparable to refinishing an outdoor patio deck. Much like a residence deck, the more regularly you keep up the real wood, the much longer the deck can last. Furthermore to increasing the deck’s existence, refinishing the real wood gives the deck a refined, professional appearance. Refinished real wood also prevents splinters in uncovered ft.

Step one 1

Very clear the deck of most debris. Utilize a broom to sweep all dirt, dirt and additional debris through the deck. If the deck can be large, utilize a press broom rather than a typical kitchen broom.

Step two 2

Apply hardwood stripper to the complete surface from the deck. Make use of a broad paintbrush to use the stripper. Also, be sure you wear function gloves and a respirator whenever using timber stripper as the fumes could be noxious. Permit the stripper to take a seat on the top for the quantity of period recommended by the product manufacturer.

Step three 3

Scrape the top of deck using a color scraper. Bubbles of outdated color and various other residue could have bubbled up from the top of deck, as well as the color scraper will surface finish the procedure of getting rid of the old surface finish. As you scrape, mop in the sludge using a rag and deposit it within a bucket.

Step 4

Tidy up the residue left out by the timber stripper. Wear function gloves and make use of clean moist rags to clean up any staying residue for the deck timber. When the deck is totally clean, permit the timber to dry totally before beginning Stage 6.

Stage 5

Fine sand the deck to eliminate any staying stain also to give a smooth surface area. Make use of sandpaper, and be sure you fine sand along the grain from the timber. If you can find big potato chips or splinters in the timber, use a supplementary coarse grit sandpaper before timber is relatively soft. Intricate patterns, sides and tight sides are often sanded with an oscillating device built with a connect and loop pad accessories and appropriate sandpaper. Then surface finish the sanding with an excellent grit sandpaper. Sweep the deck if you are completed sanding to eliminate all loose contaminants.

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Stage 6

Utilize a paintbrush to use timber stain towards the deck. The timber stain will add color towards the timber and present it an extra measure of security from the components. Make use of long, also strokes when applying the stain, but don’t apply an excessive amount of at onetime. If the stain puddles, you are employing too much. To get a deeper tone, apply several jackets of stain, enabling the stain to dried out completely between jackets.

Stage 7

Make use of a broad paintbrush to use two jackets of varnish towards the fishing boat deck following the stain provides dried completely, generally 24 hours following the last layer. Ensure that you select varnish that’s designed to endure water and expanded sun exposure. Permit the first layer of varnish to dried out before applying the next layer.


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How exactly to Refinish a Wooden Motorboat Deck: wooden

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How exactly to Refinish a Wooden Motorboat Deck

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