Exactly what is a Radiator Drain Petcock?

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A radiator drain petcock is among the more modern improvements to vehicles to create maintenance of the coolant system less difficult. In older vehicles, a radiator needed to be totally applied for for draining due to the lack of a radiator drain petcock. With fresh cars built with the small gadget, draining a radiator is becoming less difficult than ever before.


Probably one of the most common queries among car maintenance circles entails locating the radiator drain petcock. It isn’t as difficult to acquire though. You must locate it within the radiator of your vehicle in the event that you lift leading of your vehicle with a jack port. The petcock is usually a little bolt right beneath the radiator and easy to identify as contemporary radiators don’t have any other openings underneath them that could require bolts. Generally, the lower of an automobile radiator is included in a plastic -panel which may be very easily eliminated to reveal the radiator drain petcock. Unscrewing the petcock after that is an extremely easy work and requires basic mechanic equipment.


The main function from the radiator drain petcock isn’t just to avoid coolant from seeping through the opening within the radiator, nonetheless it acts a reverse part as well. The petcock continues to be placed in contemporary cars to create draining a radiator a simple task. Like pointed out previously, the same job was a discomfort to execute in older vehicles as taking right out the radiator totally was an elaborate process and generally required several mechanic in order to avoid tipping the radiator that could fall and obtain broken. The radiator drain petcock means that by simply unscrewing it, all of the fluid through the radiator could be gathered quickly by keeping a bucket within the car and never have to move the radiator an inches.

Exactly what is a Radiator Drain Petcock?: drain

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Exactly what is a Radiator Drain Petcock?

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